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5 Party Favors Perfect for Organza Bags

Every couple wants their big day to run smoothly and for all of their guests to have a fantastic time. It is traditional for a newly married couple to leave party favors on the dining tables so that every single guest has a small gift to take away with them. These gifts signify a memento of the special occasion which has taken place. Guests usually receive sugared almonds but brides and grooms like to offer new and exciting things nowadays. If you want to give your guests a special gift then here are some ideas for 5 party favors perfect for organza bags. You should aim to buy organza which matches your color scheme (perhaps the same color as your bridesmaid's dresses) so that this color will evoke fond memories.

1. Personalised Key Ring

A key ring which bears the name of the happy couple as well as the date of the wedding is a lovely touch. Guests would have the choice of either using the key ring or keeping it as a special memento. It is also quite a unisex party favor so would be suitable for both male and female guests.

2. Personalised Scented Candle

Again, this would make the ideal party favor, especially for female guests. You could give the men a personalised wine stopper rather than the candle if you think that may be more appropriate. You should definitely consider these ideas when choosing from 5 party favors perfect for organza bags.

3. Personalised Lollipops

Personalised chocolate lollipops are widely available to buy online. You simply select the amount you require and then give the details that you want printed on the foil packaging. This party favor would not be a keepsake as such but would inject fun into the proceedings. Lollipops would be very popular with the younger guests!

4. Salt and Pepper Shakers

This particular idea from the selection of 5 party favors perfect for organza bags is very unusual but also fun. You could wrap the personalised shakers in some tissue paper to prevent them from breaking and add small dried rosebuds to fill the rest of the organza bag. Alternatively you could simply just have a 'Mr & Mrs' printed onto the shakers. This gift would make a great keepsake as well as being useful.

5. A Charitable Idea

You could half fill your organza bags with confetti and place a charity brooch or pin inside. Your guests will then know that you have donated money to a certain charity on their behalf and they can attach their pin to a jacket or scarf. Maintaining the charity theme, you buy each guest a lottery ticket from a non profit making charitable organisation. You never know, one of your guests may win. That would certainly give them something to remember about your wedding day!

The suggestions already mentioned were the more unusual options for party favors. You could always opt for simpler ideas such as heart shaped chocolate truffles or more complicated ideas such as personalised individual pots of strawberry jam, personalised mirrored compacts and bottle openers. Alternatively you could use your imagination and try and think of something completely different. It does make a difference though if you sometimes break with tradition and that is why these suggestions for 5 party favors perfect for organza bags are worth considering.