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How To Use Organza Bags To Dress Up Your Wedding Favors

You can make your wedding tokens look lovely by giving some thought and effort to how your wrap the favors. Instead of plain plastic material such as cellophane, you can use organza bags for a sleek and elegant presentation. You can find gift bag selections made of fine organza, and the wide range of style and color give you plenty of options. For instance, you can check out colored fabrics including metallic, stripes, and polka dots. These fabulous fabrics are shimmering and soft to the touch, yet these are also sturdy enough to hold your wedding favors.

The sophisticated look of organza bags will appeal to your guests. In fact, they can reuse the bags even after they have used or consumed the thank-you gifts. These bags are useful for holding beauty items, jewelry, or for gift packaging. Organza bags are truly versatile and practical to use in wrapping gifts. These are a few ideas that you can apply when using organza bags to dress up your favors.

Organza Candy Bags

If you want to make adorable wedding favors for your guests, you can make candy bags made of organza. You can match the color of candies with your motif or favorite color combinations. Colorful candy bags also look excellent, so you can use jelly beans or all pink-colored mints. For a sexy appeal, you can go for red candies or heart-shaped lollipops.

Purchase organza bags that go well with your wedding decorations. You can also make the bags even more charming by printing a short message on a strip of paper, which you might want to add in the bags. The short and meaningful note will give the gift a personalized touch that your guests will appreciate. Punch a hole on one end of the paper and insert the ribbon that closes the bag. Make sure that the ribbon blends perfectly with the color of the candy organza bag.

Votive Candles

There is no need to make candles from scratch because you can purchase various styles of candles in stores. You can customize your gift by printing a short note or creating custom labels by using the computer. Round or square labels are available in office supply stores, and you can print the messages on these papers.

Use adhesives to attach the labels on the candles. You might also want to add additional decorative items such as beads, plastic flower, and several other adorable designs. Then, place the candles in the organza bags and fasten with a nice ribbon.

Photo Frame In A Bag

Another interesting wedding keepsake that you can give your guests is a photo frame that holds your engagement photo. You can purchase a simple frame that costs about a dollar, so there is no need to overspend on this wedding favor. Then, print the picture on a photo paper and insert it in the photo album.

Choose fine organza bags for your favor, and tie it with a ribbon. You can also attach a short message in each bag to acknowledge the presence of your guests. Just make sure that the bag and the ribbon come with colors that match your motif.

Bottom Line

Sheer organza bags are the perfect items to hold your wedding tokens. You can rely on the durability and sophisticated appeal of these bags. Purchase ready-made bags or make your own organza bags for inexpensive and stylish wedding favors that your guests will appreciate.